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#72September 15, 202253 min

Ukraine Medical Missions

Dr. Marica Pook
Ukraine Medical Missions

Boulder native and practicing physician, Dr. Marica Pook, joins episode 72 of Branch Out to share the details of her recent trip to Poland and Ukraine. As the daughter of a Polish Immigrant freedom fighter, Dr. Pook felt a deep sense of obligation to extend the same support and hope that was afforded to her father in the 1950’s. As the conflict in Eastern Europe intensified, Dr. Pook began collecting medical supplies through every resource she had available, engaging audiences from all across the country. Her trip was full of eye-opening experiences that solidified her desire to return with more support for her colleagues, who are struggling and abundantly thankful for any help they receive.  

As she prepares for her return trip, she continues to collect necessary and specially requested items that are scarce in Ukraine. Branch Out listeners have a special opportunity to be involved through a variety of means, including financial support, sending supplies, or possibly even joining the next team (which includes one of Sycamore's own) to go later this fall/winter! 

We’ve compiled a list of requested items and support on our website at Please take a moment to look through the needs and consider supporting however you see fit.

Guest Bio: 

Dr. Marica Pook is a Boulder, Colorado native and practicing physician with a heart for adventure and serving others. Dr. Pook began her entrepreneurial journey early in her career with the establishment of the first urgent care in her area, alongside two other female doctors. She went on to have a thriving career but soon realized that in order to achieve the work/life balance she desired, she needed to take her career into her own hands. She went on to create a local locums company that would allow her to be the “mommy-physician” she wanted to be. She considers herself to be a self-starter who is continually learning and pushing herself to be better. 

Her father’s own story of fleeing a war-torn country fostered a sense of responsibility within her to serve others in similar situations. So, when the Ukraine-Russia conflict escalated, Dr. Pook began her work to collect and deliver supplies to those doctors overseas. She continues to serve in this capacity and welcomes any and all support she can garner. 

Top things discussed

  • How to take action with Medical Missions
  • Opportunities to support, aid, and give medical supplies
  • The heart of serving those struggling in the medical field in Ukraine

Top things from her story

  • Polish Immigrant freedom fighter history
  • Using her skill of medicine to help others beyond the hospital
  • Achieving work/life balance while starting an urgent care in her area and locums company

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