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Help Dr. Pook Get Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Dr. Pook is leading a grassroots effort to get medical supplies to Ukraine quickly. She needs your help.

Dr. Marica Pook looking to the right

Dr. Marica Pook is a Boulder, Colorado native and practicing physician with a heart for adventure and serving others.

Her father's own story of fleeing war-torn Poland in the 1950's fostered a sense of responsibility within her to serve others in similar situations. As the conflict in Ukraine intensified, Dr. Pook began collecting medical supplies through every resource she had available, engaging audiences from all across the country.

In early 2022, Dr. Pook took her first trip to Ukraine to assist where she could. The trip was full of eye-opening experiences that solidified her desire to return with more support for her colleagues, who are struggling through the conflict and abundantly thankful for any help they receive.

To hear more about Dr Pook's first trip to Ukraine, visit her GoFundMe page.

How you can help

As she prepares for her return trip, she continues to collect necessary and specially requested items that are scarce in Ukraine.

As an independent physician organizing a grassroots effort to make a real impact, Sycamore is eager to help Dr. Pook get the supplies and support she needs.

Listen to more of Dr. Pook's story on our podcast.

We're calling upon the Sycamore community to get involved through a variety of means, including financial support, sending supplies, or possibly even joining the next team to go (which includes one of Sycamore's own) later this fall/winter!

Please take a moment to look through the needs and consider supporting however you see fit.

Get Involved

Help Support Physicians in Ukraine

Financial Support

Your help is needed to get the besieged city of Kramatorsk medical supplies, surgical instruments, and humanitarian aid.

Purchase Medical Supplies

You can purchase generally requested supplies directly from Dr. Pook's Amazon WishList. Specific medical supplies listed below.

Join the next trip

Let us know if you're interested in joining Dr. Pook's on future trips to deliver much-needed supplies to Ukraine.

Specific Medical Supplies Needed

The following list contains specific supply requests from a doctor that is supplying civilian ambulances out of Lviv into the front:

  1. Tourniquets (CAT, >=5 generation)
  2. Hemostatic bandages (the best variant, according to the experience, if impossible - so hemostatic sponges)
  3. Occlusive chest seals (for pneumothorax)
  4. Israel bandages
  5. Decompression needles
  6. Different anti-flu preparations (OTC stuff like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and Benadryl, as well as tamiflu)
  7. Epinephrine prefilled syringes for field use.