Where physicians claim their independence.

Join a new breed of elite physicians, APP's, and CRNA's using independent locums to find freedom, flexibility, and job security.

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Diversify Your Income

You never know what will come around the corner: shifts get cut, contracts are taken over, leadership changes at your hospital, etc. Having multiple irons in the fire can make you more resilient in times of change.

Remote Work


Work from anywhere doing remote patient monitoring & APP supervision



Take charge in a part-time or full-time medical director role.

How is Sycamore different?

Dr. Hamad Husainy started Sycamore as a fair-priced alternative to locums companies. Today, Sycamore has grown into a business manager for physicians who run their careers like a business.


Everyone involved knows who is getting paid what.

Fair, Low Fee

We charge a 10.75% transaction fee. Clients may opt-in to Payroll Services provided by Sycamore for an additional 5% fee.

Direct Contracts

Your work agreement is directly with the facility. Sycamore doesn't touch your pay.

Incentives Aligned

Facilities pay less. Physicians make more. It is a win-win-win.

Income Diversity

Diversify your income with a combination of locums, telemedicine, and remote gigs.

Nationwide Community

Sycamore works with over 1,600 physicians across the United States.

Dr. Hamad Husainy, Sycamore founder
Dr. Hamad Husainy, Sycamore founder