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#81February 9, 202356 min

How to Build Your Personal Brand w/Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez
How to Build Your Personal Brand w/Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez

It’s never been easier to start building your personal brand as a physician and to take the steps towards financial freedom and career autonomy. Join Branch Out’s host, Larson Hicks, as he sits down with Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, who coaches other physicians into monetizing their expertise and building a lucrative side gig. This episode is one you do NOT want to miss! 

Top things discussed

  • Building a personal brand can open up options and allow for financial freedom

  • Importance of narrowing in on your focus and creating your content

  • The tools needed to turn expertise into a lucrative side gig 

  • How independent physicians face less burnout 

Top things from his story

  • Chose what lifestyle values were most important to him and then worked to build a career around them

  • Utilized tools available to capitalize on his giftings 

  • Eager to share knowledge and experience with doctors who are facing burnout or looking for a shift in their career