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#80January 26, 20231 hr 11 min

Why Free Market?

Dr. Keith Smith
Why Free Market?

Since 1997, Dr. Keith Smith has been pushing back against the status quo by creating America’s first free market surgery center (The Surgery Center of Oklahoma) and founding the Free Market Medical Association, with more than 30 chapters throughout the country. Dr. Smith’s convictions for transparency and integrity caused him to thoroughly examine the “system” he was a part of and make changes where he could – even if that meant leaving modern medical practice to pursue a different ideal. Join us for this episode of Branch Out, as Dr. Smith and Larson (possibly Dr. Smith’s biggest fan) discuss the important ideologies behind direct care and physician independence. 

Top things to learn: 

  •  The a golden rule in an economic exchange

  • The options doctors have in regards to accepting government money

  • What it takes to start/run a free market medical center

Top things from his story: 

  •  Former concert pianist turned anesthesiologist

  • Strong philosophical, ethical convictions led to changing the way he approached medicine

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Books Mentioned:
-Power of the Powerless by Václav Havel
-Principles of Economics by Carl Menger