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#79January 12, 202359 min

Meet the Rheumatologist on Call

Diana Girnita
Meet the Rheumatologist on Call

Like many other doctors we have interviewed, Dr. Diana Girnita's journey to become a physician began during her hospital stay as a young child. The compassion and care she received during that time translated into years of dedicated research, education and excellence in patient care. Ultimately, Dr. Girnita established Rheumatologist OnCall in 2019, a telemedicine Rheumatology DPC that is expanding across the country.  She joins Branch Out to share her story and the principles behind Rheumatologist OnCall that make her a truly unique physician! 

Be sure to check out her social media pages for the many additional resources Dr. Girnita provides!

Top things discussed

  • Healthcare should be accessible

  • The physician/patient relationship is important and must be fostered

  • Think outside the box and come up with something new

Top things from her story

  • Don't be afraid to break status quo

  • Built a business that is personal and changes lives

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