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#78December 15, 202250 min.

Taking Risks With Alacrity

Travis Manasco
Taking Risks With Alacrity

Dr. Travis Manasco, an Intensivist from WakeMed in North Carolina, sits down with Larson Hicks to discuss what he is learning through his first entrepreneurial ventures, beginning his career as an attending right when Covid hit, and how he manages to make it all work!

Doctor Travis Manasco

Theme: Starting out as a young doctor-entreprenuer

Top things to learn: 

  • Build a team 

  •  Be open to learning new things

  •  Pursue your ideas

Top things from his story: 

  •  Fell in love with science

  •  Finding creative ways to balance his time and priorities

  •  Pursuing things with alacrity: a brisk and cheerful readiness

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