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#75October 27, 20221 hr 18 min

Finding Joy and Fulfillment in Pursuing Your Hobbies

Dr. Candice Williams
Finding Joy and Fulfillment in Pursuing Your Hobbies

Amidst L.A. shutting down during the pandemic, Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Doctor, Candice Williams, left full-time practice and took a leap of faith to pursue her first love – music. Such a transition was not without pain or fear, but Dr. Williams knew that at the end of the day, it is what she needed to do. 

Join Sycamore CEO, Larson Hicks, as he and Dr. Williams walk through a variety of subjects including physician independence, pursuing hobbies, and walking by faith in a world that says security is everything. 

Top things discussed

  • Your career and hobbies can coexist 

  • How physicians can earn trust back

  • Don’t get stuck - Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it 

Top things from her story

  • Taking a leap of faith can look different for everyone

  • Ask yourself “What’s most important at the end of the day?” 

  • Find your autonomy

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