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#74October 13, 20221 hr 6 min

Leading the Way in Direct Specialty Care

Dr. Daniel Paull
Leading the Way in Direct Specialty Care

Orthopedic doctor, Daniel Paull, joins Branch Out to discuss his pioneering efforts in direct specialty care and his mission to disrupt the current insurance and hospital systems by encouraging other doctors to seek independence and alternative ways of practicing. He and Larson discuss the nuances of quality metrics, practice apart from incentives, and the restrictions facing direct care physicians. His encouragement for those feeling inspired is best surmised in his closing statement, “It is more of a ready-fire aim mentality, where you just have to go and do it and take a risk and you could fail… But if you don't and a lot of people haven't, you'll end up being in a much better position than you ever thought.” 

Top things discussed

  • Building a new system will be arduous but worth it 

  • Take the risk in going out on your own if you feel called to it

  • What sort of limitations there are in DPCs 

Top things from his story

  • Ins & outs of pursuing a direct pay practice in a specialty field 

  • Organizing your life so you are not bound to any system 

  • Find your Ready, Aim, Fire mentality and go for it! 

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