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#73September 29, 202249 min

True Wealth Creation Through Real Estate Investment

Dr. Elaine Stageberg
True Wealth Creation Through Real Estate Investment

Dr. Elaine Stageberg, psychiatrist and real estate wizard, joins Branch Out to share her company’s unique approach to real estate investment! Dr. Stageberg’s company, Black Swan Real Estate, manages a real estate portfolio of over $250 million in assets spanning two different markets. 

Black Swan founders, Nick and Elaine, overcame great obstacles to achieve success and now work to share their knowledge with others. Not only does Black Swan manage and develop properties, they coach and invest in others looking to do the same. Their two-pronged approach encompasses a philosophy of putting people first and doing everything with excellence in order to create true, lasting, passive income and generational wealth. 

This podcast is an encouragement and inspiration to anyone involved (or looking to be involved) in real estate investing. 

Visit to see the excellent resources the Stageberg's have made available to investors. 


Dr. Elaine Stageberg is a trained psychiatrist, mother of four, and co-owner/founder of Black Swan Real Estate based in Rochester, MN. Though Dr. Stageberg found financial freedom through real estate while still in her residency, she went on to practice medicine until covid-19 hit and childcare issues forced her to reevaluate how she wanted to spend her time. Now, through Black Swan Real Estate, Dr. Stageberg is able to build her wealth and invest in others who are building their own real estate portfolio. 

Top things discussed

  • About Black Swan Real Estate and its founders
  • The two approaches that encompass Black Swan Real Estate and philosophy
  • Developing communities through investing and real estate

Top things from her story

  • How the qualities of her psychiatric career applies to real estate
  • Training others seeking financial freedom
  • Exploring opportunities and wealth investments

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