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#71September 1, 20221 hr

Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Dr. Paula Muto
Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Board certified General and Vascular Surgeon and founder of UBERDOC, Dr. Paula Muto, joins Branch Out to share her inspiring story of running a successful practice and pursuing entrepreneurship towards the betterment of her community. Her company’s convenient approach to direct-pay-patient/physician opportunities cuts out the middleman and provides much needed price transparency in healthcare. Instead of working to maintain an infrastructure that is no longer relevant, Dr. Muto seeks to lead the way in what will undoubtedly be the future of medical care. 

Top things discussed

  • Improvement on the transparency between physician and patient
  • Business and the future of healthcare that involves innovation
  • The call to action to have a new infrastructure in healthcare

Top things from her story

  • Her journey of direct-pay-patient/physician opportunities
  • Discovering her passion of surgery and helping others
  • Founder and CEO of UBERDOC

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