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#70August 18, 20221 hr 1 min

Turning Medical Expert Witnessing Into a Business

Dr. Amy Fogelman
Turning Medical Expert Witnessing Into a Business

Episode 70 of Branch Out features Dr. Amy Fogelman, a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor and founder of MED LAW Consulting, a company that matches qualified medical experts to attorneys’ litigation needs. Dr. Fogelman started MED LAW Consulting as a venture to battle burnout and put her skills to use in the non-clinical setting. Realizing that people may not feel equipped to make this move professionally,  MED LAW Consulting began offering courses to train physicians who are interested in making additional income “using what they already know.” Tune in to hear her journey towards independence and the lessons she learned along the way. 

Top things discussed

  • Start caring about your mental and emotional health
  • Burnout is reversible, but you must recognize the signs first
  • Knowledge you already have can be used as a business

Top things from her story

  • Father was an inspiration to the journey of medicine
  • There is always an option to take time off and rest
  • You have so many different skills that can also be utilized 

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