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#69August 4, 20221 hr 1 min

Branching Out into the Finance World

Dr. Jeff Cole
Branching Out into the Finance World

Hand surgeon and tech builder, Dr. Jeff Cole, has long pursued entrepreneurial opportunities throughout his career in medicine. He has been on the forefront of medical technology and now sits on the board of Planet Wealth, a self-proclaimed “disruptive company hell-bent on democratizing capitalism.” Their mission is to “bring Wall Street to Main Street so anyone can gain financial independence through access to capital.”

This hour-long podcast delves into Dr. Cole's past experiences - successes and failures - that led him to be on the board of an up and coming investment company while juggling a full time career as a hand surgeon. Join us for this episode of Branch Out to learn about your opportunities to diversify investments, build wealth, and claim your independence! 

Top things discussed

  • If something is broken, fix it
  • Constantly looking at the holes and gaps in different areas
  • Financial awareness and skills are easier than you think

Top things from his story

  • Saw an opportunity in the medical field that fit his skills
  • Wanted to pursue helping others in different fields
  • Help be a part of guides to make certain jobs easier

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