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#65June 9, 202250 min

Using Your Creativity to Avoid Burnout

Dr. Saurin Gandhi
Using Your Creativity to Avoid Burnout

Join Larson Hicks and guest, Dr. Saurin Gandhi, as they discuss his experiences in Internal Medicine, the research and contributions he made during COVID, and his art hobby turned side business! Check out his work at 

Top things discussed

  • The goal and key to approach patients and get them back to a good state of health
  • More technology is expanding to help patients
  • Navigating the changing world of Medicine 
  • How to look for the signs of burn-out
  • Keep chasing after hobbies that help avoid burn-out

Top things from his story

  • Inspired by his brother to go into medicine
  • Learned to reflect on why he stopped doing his hobbies
  • The natural combination of his artistic creativity and love of medicine

Links and Mentions

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @SaurinGandhiArt