#59January 14, 20221 hr 15 min

Fundraising, Volunteering, and Swimming for the Navy SEAL foundation w/ Anesthesiologist

Dr. Glenn Paige
Dr. Glenn Paige

Dr. Glenn Paige,  Anesthesiologist, Navy Seal Foundation ambassador, extreme sport athlete, and serial people person discusses the importance of personal relationships, mental perseverance, and taking challenges head. He shares his moving life story and his message to the world. 

Top Things We Discuss: 

  • Perseverance and work ethic

  • As a physician, your first job is to help others and education them

  • Challenge yourself and adapt, listen, understand others around you

  • The importance of relationships

About Dr. Paige:

  • He is an extreme sport athlete

  • Mental perseverance is his strength

  • Looks for the personal challenges and the people that inspire him to be better