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#53November 18, 202157min

Say NO to do What Matters w/ Female Physician Entrepreneurs Founder

Dr. Sharon McLaughlin
Say NO to do What Matters w/ Female Physician Entrepreneurs Founder

Dr. Sharon Mclaughlin is board certified in plastic surgery. She started her entrepreneurial journey selling skin care. Over the years she created a scar line as well as a lingerie line. Dr McLaughlin is the founder of the Female Physician Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, which is a supportive group that brings women physicians together to network and grow. She has also created a wellness program which offers a whole body approach to weight loss. The program consists of nutrition, mindset and self care. There is a guided meditation, recipe books and meal plans as well as resources to make weight loss as simple as possible without struggling. Dr McLaughlin helps others to create websites and courses so that they can amplify their voice and build multiple streams of incomes. She sits on a leadership board and is a beta tester for a digital software company. She has built multiple streams of income through courses, affiliate marketing and most recently, passive real estate syndication investing.

Top things discussed

  • Female physicians and the high burnout rate
  • Being a physician and entrepreneur
  • Saying no and learning self-care

Top things from her story

  • The seasons of life turned into inspiration 
  • Overcoming putting yourself second
  • Thriving in an environment you love by constant growth

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