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#31June 17, 202147min

A Labor of Love: How Passion Kept Me Motivated As A Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Barrington Iruke

Dr. Barrington Iruke runs a wellness consulting practice, a podcast, a TV show, a cannabis business, a music/entertainment label, and is a practicing EM physician and author.
How does he do it all?
With the help of passion.
Staying motivated when the going gets tough is easier when you have a deep passion and excitement about your work. Dr. Iruke is the perfect example of avoiding burnout and frustration due to a love for everything that he does.

In this episode we talk about 

  • The ups and downs of entrepreneurship
  • The medical benefits of cannabis
  • Launching a virtual health clinic
  • Using music to control your mood and thought process (in place of Adderall)
  • How the skills that Emergency Medicine equips you with translate to every other field

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