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#28May 27, 20211hr

A Best Friend in Medicine

Dr. Hamad HusainyDr. Graves Fromang
A Best Friend in Medicine

EM physicians Dr. Hamad Husainy (founder of Sycamore) and Dr. Graves Fromang (creator of Reel Docx) have been friends since 5th grade. Growing up in Florida,  their friendship has been shaped by countless experiences, from fishing trips to football to both falling in love with medicine in college.   

In this episode we talk about:

  • The value of a best friend in medicine
  • Getting escorted by police helicopters at river camp
  • ER docs as a personality type
  • Fishing = community
  • The sweet spot between creating a future for your family and living in the present

Links and Mentions

Dr. Fromang's Facebook Group: Reel Docx

Book: Blue Ocean Strategy