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#26May 13, 20211hr 2min

Hello Telemedicine, Goodbye ER Night Shifts

Dr. Michael Jaffe

Dr. Michael Jaffe is an ER physician who just made the switch to full-time Telemedicine in November of 2020. His recent lifestyle change has opened up a world of flexibility and freedom for him and his wife to travel across the country in a camper van to see family, visit beaches and enjoy new scenery.

In this episode we talk about

  • #vanlife
  • 25 years of working night shifts without drinking coffee
  • How working on a ski patrol in the German Alps as a high-schooler led him to medicine
  • Recreating a full-time income by creatively piecing together Telehealth opportunities
  • The pros and cons of Telemedicine
  • Dance lessons in Argentina

Links and Mentions

Link to Dr. Jaffe’s signal booster