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#24April 29, 20211h4

Scaling VEP From 2 sites to 30+

Dr. Steve Maron
Scaling VEP From 2 sites to 30+

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Steve Maron who is the President of VEP Healthcare, the 8th largest EM group in the nation. From his early start as an EMT - he discovered his calling into medicine after providing care at a free clinic in Sacramento, California. Despite the abundance of hospitals and clinicians in the city, he witnessed the maldistribution of healthcare first hand and decided to become a doctor. He worked in academics followed by international medicine for 10 years prior to being appointed to his executive role at VEP, which has an amusing backstory. Through his leadership, VEP, a provider owned and provider run company, has grown aggressively and now operates in all kinds of specialities. More recently, they have spun off a new venture capital company called VEP Ventures.