Sycamore Independent Physicians


#2October 29, 20201hr 35min

Bringing Effective Change to a Hospital Department & The Challenges of Getting Bought Out

Dr. David Goldwag

Dr. David Goldwag is an emergency physician who transitioned to locums after 28 years as a medical director.  On top of being a full-time physician, Dr. Goldwag runs a record label where he records & produces music and discovers up-and-coming bands.

Top Things We Discuss: 

  • Early days of contracting groups staffing hospitals

  • Restructuring of Hospitals

  • Purpose of only seeing doctors as spreadsheets/metrics is money driven

  • Job and Personal satisfaction equals more autonomy

About Dr. Goldwag:

  • Father was a family doctor 

  • College experience turned him away from medicine - Biochemistry undergrad

  • Found his way into medicine, hopped around places, liked technical side, worked his way up in a hospital

  • Experience with contracting group being bought out and an Admin job

  • Also produces/plays music