Sycamore Independent Physicians


#1October 22, 20201hr 3min

What if All Physicians Became Independent Free Agents?

Dr. Chris Mason

Dr. Chris Mason is a full-time locums EM physician who owns his own lifestyle medicine practice. He’s a serial entrepreneur who discovered emergency medicine after first exploring neurosurgery, psychology, paper sales, pharmaceutical sales, founding his own landscaping company, and going into law enforcement. 

Top Things We Discuss: 

  • Independent physicians are pivotal to taking back medicine

  • Leadership needs take responsibility for it to change

  • Change in ER and function in the hospital

  • The relationship between Administration and Insurance Groups to Physicians

About Dr. Mason:

  • Entrepreneur to emergency medicine

  • Step out to opportunities and bounce around; see what you love to do

  • Wants others to discover their calling and be a free agent