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#4November 12, 202059min

Physicians As Commodities, Working in Rural Areas, and Taking Leaps of Faith w/ Dr. David Baehren

Dr. David Baehren

On this episode, I'm joined by Dr. David Baehren, an ER physician with three decades of clinical experience.  He's an accomplished columnist for ACEP and a novelist.  Dr. Baehren is a sharp and incredible storyteller. I  really enjoyed our conversation and expect you will, too.

Top Things We Discuss: 

  • Gradual shift and change in the workings of hospitals 

  • EM is gaining more respect 

  • Relationships between physician, admin, and insurance groups

  • Rural hospitals and learning to lean on your training

  • Spread your wings; get out of your comfort zone

About Dr. Baehren:

  • Watching the change in hospitals take place

  • Moved around a bit for his job

  • Writes stories to let out the difficult days

  • Encourages others to find an outlet so that the burnout does not build up