Outsource your headaches.

Don’t get bogged down with back-office operations like credentialing and bookkeeping. Enjoy the locums lifestyle and leave all of your administrative headaches to us.

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We're your on-demand support team.

Credentialing and licensing. Bookeeping and financial advice. We’ll help you run your locums career with the efficiency and professionalism of a business. But you're the boss - you can pick and choose which services you deem necessary.

Licensing & Credentialing

Do you really want to spend your personal time filling out hours of paperwork?

LLC Setup & Scorp Election

Maximize your tax savings by running your career like a business.


Keep track of all of your expenses in order to maximize your tax deductions.


Pay yourself as an employee of your own business to greatly reduce your annual tax bill.

Quarterly Check-ins

Quarterly check-ins ensure you are on the right track to hit all of your financial goals.

More to Come...

What other headaches do you struggle with?
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